Family Consultants

What Are Family Consultants?

Separating from a partner or spouse is likely be a traumatic and emotional experience whatever the particular circumstances and whether or not children are involved.


Family Consultants are professionals with experience in supporting adults and children experiencing relationship breakdown. They come from a range of backgrounds such as Family Mediation, counselling and children’s services and have particular skills in promoting communication in difficult situations.

They can work with you and or your spouse or partner in a variety of ways to help you deal with the emotional issues that may affect you. For example they may help you to articulate your feelings and thoughts, consider how to manage your reactions to your ex partner during meetings or advise on the sorts of arrangements that are best for children at different ages and in different circumstances. By dealing with such issues you will be developing the confidence and emotional strength to get the most from the four way meetings.

Family Consultants may also work directly with children, seeing them separately and helping them to voice their thoughts and feelings. The Family Consultant can report back to the parents and Collaborative Lawyers on the children’s behalf so that the children feel they have been consulted without having to be directly involved in the process.

Your Collaborative Lawyer can give you information about contacting a Family Consultant.